This plugin is also available on the GIMP Plugin Registry site.

NOTE: Version 2.0 currently has a bug and writes non-standard files (that won't open in any other application) when the source image has an alpha channel. This will be fixed in a follow-up release.

Project Description

This is a plugin for GIMP that allows reading and writing of JPEG XR image files. It has been tested on Windows and Ubuntu with GIMP 2.8.4.

Read support

Almost all pixel formats supported by JPEG XR can be loaded. However, non-compatible formats will first be converted to a representation that GIMP understands (this means you'll loose HDR data for example). All RGB pixel formats get converted to 24bpp RGB, all RGBA formats to 32bpp BGRA, and all grayscale formats to 8bpp Gray. Black-white images are imported as indexed images.

Write support

Images are saved in one of the following pixel formats depending on the image mode that is selected in GIMP:
  • 1bpp BlackWhite (if image mode in GIMP is set to Indexed and the color map has exactly two entries black and white)
  • 8bpp Grayscale
  • 24bpp RGB
  • 32bpp RGBA
The following options are available in the save dialog:
  • Image quality
  • Alpha channel quality
  • Advanced settings: Overlap, Chroma subsampling, Tiling (see jxrlib documentation for more information)


Installation instructions for both Windows and other platforms can be found in the source code package. Binaries for Windows are included.

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